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Confident Lolitas

Because no two princesses look the same.

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If you're a Lolita, when you think about brand clothing, the first things that usually pop into your head are a series of numbers - waist size, hip size, bust size, even measurements that you didn't even know existed. Quickly followed by these numbers is, of course, the all important bottom-line price in dollars, euros or yen.

Now, let's be honest - it can get kind of daunting after a while. It begins to feel like no matter what you do, you'll never be right for the clothes and brands that you idolize. You're too big, or too small. You don't have enough money, but feel like you'll be ridiculed if you consider knock-offs, or flex your (possibly underdeveloped) sewing muscles. Your chest is too big, or too small. You're too tall, or too short. You've got pimples, or rosacea, or you wear glasses with thick lenses.

Well, guess what? If any of the above categories apply to you, you're part of the vast majority of the population - and there's nothing wrong with that.

This is a community for us Lolitas who are a little bit self-conscious about the way we look all dressed up. You can find tips here on how to cover up your flaws, or embrace them; you can find suggestions on how to get into that 76cm skirt you've been pining over in a healthy and moderated way. You can read stories from other Lolitas who feel the same way as you and who face the same problems, and get advice from those who have gone through the same experiences and triumphed over them.

I don't like having a lot of rules, but here are some basic ones:


1. Constructive criticism only.
Yes, sometimes people who think they're Lolita but are total screw-ups can be absolutely hilarious, but there's a community specifically for that kind of thing over at loli_fucks. I realize that sometimes people can be oversensitive, and offense taken isn't always the fault of the person who is giving advice, but use common sense. With that said...

2. Always use common sense.
I think everybody knows what I mean when I say this.

3. Don't encourage unhealthy behaviour.
Eating 400 calories a day and crash-dieting are not healthy. It doesn't matter how fast you lose weight, or how well it worked for you, it's not a healthy way to live. Any posts or comments actively encouraging anorexia, bulimia or unhealthy dieting practices will be deleted. (Recovering anorexics, bulimics, etc. are welcome. Please feel free to post about your experiences - you can find support on your way to recovery here.)

4. Anything about encouraging a healthy lifestyle emotionally, spiritually, or physically is free for posting.
Just try to tie it back to Lolita somehow. For example, posting low fat Lolita-themed recipes is great, posting about fitting into a Lolita item you've never been able to fit in before is great, posting about how Lolita made you a more confident person is great, etc. If you're not sure about the appropriateness of your post, just drop me a line at drake_katokia@hotmail.com.

5. Have fun!