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Flattering clothing.

Jan. 16th, 2007 | 06:40 pm
posted by: kvlt_kitty in confident_lolis

It seems like we've got lolis of a lot of different shapes and sizes here, and as we all know what suits one person might look terrible on another - different people suit different clothes.  So, it might be a good idea to post what sort of loli clothing/accessories you've found flattering for your particular shape, complexion, height, hair...

I'll start:

Big boobs - generally, big boobs and high necked blouses seem to be considered a big no no, but they're pretty much essential for loli, espeicially if you're well-endowed enough that even slightly low-cut tops show a lot of cleavage.  I've found that blouses that have slightly asymmetrical fronts, like this one, although I have no idea why.  Another option is to wear a chic V necked jumper or cardigan (one which stops below your bust to prevent gaping buttons!) over your blouse to emphasise that no, it's not some kind of matronly shelf and yes, there really are two of them under there.

Avoid A-line dresses like the plague, especially if you're big all over.  Having big tits and a dress that billows out below them suggests you've got one in the oven, while having a big belly whose shape will show while you walk just adds to this impression.

Most importantly of all, get a good bra, and one which fits.  Most women are wearing a bra that's too big in the band and too small in the cups.  Measure your underbust, and round up to the nearest even number to get your band size, don't add five inches to it or any of that nonsense some places peddle (would you want five inches of ease in your jeans, let alone a support garment?  Exactly.).  Then, measure your full bust, accross your nipples, wearing the closest thing you have to a well fitting bra, ideally not a padded one or a sports bra.  Then, find the difference between them to get your approximate cup size:  the typical way to do this is one inch difference for an A cup, two for a B, and so on, although some places have an A cup as both measurements being the same, so it's really not an exact science.  So just kinda guess that part based on one of those systems then use the handy guides on bravissimo's site to check whether a bra fits you correctly, although the best way to judge this is simply by common sense :P.

Tall loli - brand stuff is, obviously, designed with the Japanese loli in mind, who is on average much shorter than the western loli.  So if you're over 5'5''ish you might start to find some skirts are a little on the short side.  Checking measurements is obviously vital, since even within one brand skirt lengths vary enormously.  I'm 5'9'' and the Meta window-print underbust JSK hits me around about the knee (or would do if it would fit my ribcage ¬_¬), while the Crown Label pinafore with the embroidery would be so short I actually couldn't bend over.  But what if your dream skirt is just a tiny bit on the short side?  If you're skinny you can wear it lower on your waist, but tall often goes along with a generally larger build so that won't work for everyone.  Going for over-knee socks (western, not Japanese, so they're actually over the knee on you) or some nice tights helps to hide the fact that a skirt might be slightly on the wrong side of knee length

Also watch out for blouse lengths, if you're particularly long in the body, although this is fairly easily dealt with if you wear a high-waisted skirt or a JSK.

Now, that's all I've got, but I know the rest of you have a lot more advice, so please post it.  It might make a good community memories item if the rest of you can drag my crappy suggestions kicking and screaming upto average quality :P. 

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Low-fat or No-fat Yummy Recipes

Jan. 16th, 2007 | 11:00 am
mood: cheerful cheerful
posted by: sisterite in confident_lolis

I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in low or no fat recipes? I have a ton of cookbooks and I'd be willing to weed through them and see what I can find that doesn't have a ton of fat in it.

I'm also planning on posting some things that just sound plain yummy. :P

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(no subject)

Jan. 15th, 2007 | 05:00 pm
posted by: liastrife in confident_lolis

Hey there everybody! Man oh man, am I full of song and dance today. (Okay not really. But I can dream.)

I was just wondering if you all had some pictures of yourself that you'd be willing to let us use for the layout. I found myself flipping through scans from the G&L Bible and KERA and stuff, and then I thought - Wait a minute, that's EXACTLY what we're trying to avoid here!

And then I thought, hey, why not get some pictures of these gorgeous ladies (and handsome gents) instead? This community is really all about US, right? It's not about some model somewhere, it's about the real Lolitas who live and breathe and wear this stuff and look AWESOME in it.

So, if you're willing to give it a shot, comment to this post with a picture or two of yourself - your absolute favorites - in Lolita, EGA, whatever. I'll try to see if we can smoosh as many in there as we can!

Thanks, guys!

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Help! Layout needed!

Jan. 15th, 2007 | 12:03 pm
posted by: liastrife in confident_lolis

While the one we've got now is, uh...really super and all...I'd kind of like something a little more personally ours. 

If anybody has a little extra spare time and can throw together a layout for the community, I would be eternally thankful. Leave a comment here or contact me at drake_katokia@hotmail.com if you've got any questions. 


...If anyone has even MORE extra time, we also need a community icon. <___<'

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Introductory Post!

Jan. 15th, 2007 | 11:54 am
posted by: liastrife in confident_lolis

This is a place where you can post who you are because I figure, hey, most people like to know who they're talking to. I'll start.

You guys can call me Lia. I'm 17 years old, from Calgary, Alberta. (That's in Canada, by the way.) My favorite Lolita styles are Classic and Punk Lolita (yeah, I know, kind of polar, aren't they?) and although I've been an avid worshipper of Lolita for some time now, I'm somewhat of a n00blita as I haven't got a single piece of Lolita clothing to my name. Saaaad. 

Right now, I'm weighing in at 173 pounds on a 5'3" frame. My waist size is 32". I consider that progress, though, as I used to be 191 pounds with a 38" waist. My eventual goal is 29" and about 150 pounds - as soon as I reach that goal, I'm going to buy myself my very first piece of Lolita clothing, so I'm really motivated about the whole thing.

Okay, now it's your turn. Post a comment with who you are, where you've come from and where you're going - that kind of thing.

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