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Styles you're most comfortable in

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Jan. 28th, 2007 | 04:36 pm
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posted by: liastrife in confident_lolis

As everybody knows, there are lots of different sub-styles (or sub-genres, as I like to call them) of Lolita - Punk, Gothic, Sweet, White, Black, Classic, Princess, Country, Guro (I'm sure I'm missing some)...and we mustn't forget Aristocrat, Dandy and Kodona!

So, my question is, which of these sub-genres are you most comfortable in? Which make you cringe at the thought of wearing them, and why?

For me, I'm most comfortable in Punk Lolita - mostly because it's on the casual side, and I can fly under the radar (as it were) if I want to while still being recognizable as a Lolita to those who know the fashion. After that, I'm most comfortable in Classic Lolita, because I feel it captures the "Lolita spirit" while still being a little toned down.

Most uncomfortable? Certainly Sweet Lolita! I'm awestruck by Lolis who have the confidence and poise to wear the beautiful and adorable stylings of Sweet Lolita out in the open, and I really hope to be like them someday. But, for now, I can hardly imagine wearing a headdress outside, never mind all those fabulous ruffles!

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From: pipebomb_here
Date: May. 4th, 2007 07:11 pm (UTC)

I feel best in punk and gothic lolita... as black is a sliming colour.. I love tartain,chains and edge alot too. But gothic is my fav :3 I want to get into waloli too.

I don't feel bad about wearing sweet lolita in public... you stand out but in a posative way.

The only lolita styles I'd NEVER wear are..

Pirate [I find it just plain UGLY]
Hime/Princess lolita [you'd look like a ginat marshmellow or too cosplay]

I wanna try shiro/white lolita but white's not a 'fatty-chan' colour I don't think... I'm also put off by erololi cus SOME of it looks a bit slutty if done wrng.

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From: anonymous
Date: Jun. 19th, 2007 06:12 pm (UTC)

Well for me i like to wear classic and punkish loli with a hint of sweetness. I love to combine sweet/goth/and classy i dont wear that much pinkish but sort of more black and other colors.I like to combine those into something my own..its cool combinations.

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